Here Comes A Sequel to Mini Ninjas

Square Enix is making a new Mini Ninjas game. They haven’t owned up to it yet but it is coming. First we saw trademarks and domain registrations, now we have a classification certificate.

The game is called Mini Ninjas: Hiro’s Adventure which implies that it follows the youngest member of the playable cast from the first game. IO International are making it, in Denmark, and no platforms have been confirmed yet but hopefully we’ll see more soon and perhaps even get a look at it when E3 roars into action.

Source: Siliconera


  1. I enjoyed the first one. The demo for it, anyway, didn’t get around to buying the full game.

    • I enjoyed the first one (full game). It’s well worth the pennies it sells for these days.

      • Agreed, great game suitable for most ages (a bit for the grownups as well as the kids).

  2. I guess I had better finish the first game then. My “To Do” list just keeps getting bigger :O

  3. Yay! Enjoyed the first Mini Ninjs, it was a cute little game. Maybe I should punk my contacts at IO to hear whats up, but I doubt they will reveal anything.

  4. Good news, loved the first. So did my little boy. Another game we can both enjoy, can’t wait!

  5. good stuff, this was a game me and the mrs played together, which is always a bonus!

  6. Was the original any good?

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