PSP Games Get “Expiry Date”

Those of us not waiting for a PSPgo before dipping into the world of PlayStation Portable will be happy to know that Firmware 6.00 has just been pushed out to PSPs this morning – head on over to the Software Update option and grab the download which, whilst not immediately impressive, appears to hold at least one rather cool little secret.  Here’s the full official update list:

  • Games can now be grouped and displayed in folders based on their expire date under [Game].
  • Under [Settings], [Network Update] has been changed to [System Update]. Under [System Update], you can now choose how to update the system software.
  • The number of colors that can be selected under [Settings] > [Theme Settings] has been increased.
  • Revisions to strengthen security have been added. (Internet Browser)

As usual with stuff like this from Sony, that isn’t the whole story, because games now have an optional “expiry date” attached to them, leading us to think that the  PSP version of the PlayStation Store is due a whole new category rather soon – game rentals.  Of course, the PSP has had time limited demos before (like Numblast) but this is the first time we’ve seen it so proudly displayed.T


Thanks, Erroneus, via Joystiq.