Another PS3 exclusive FPS on the way?

The last thing the Playstation 3 needs is another First Person Shooter but it appears Sony disagrees, apparently another one is “Coming soon”.  The Outsource and Project Manager for SCEA, Su-Cheng Wu has posted on his Linkedin profile that he is working on “Producing character faces for a coming soon AAA FPS PS3 title”. No further details were given but four options spring to mind. Could it be Killzone 3? Perhaps, but why would Sony America be involved when Killzone is a Sony Europe product? Su-Cheng did work on Killzone: Liberation for the PSP (check out his website for a show real) so he does have ties with the title.

A more likely IP would be Resistance 3 of which nothing has been heard. Insomniac Games, the creators of the Resistance series, has a great working relationship with SCEA so that would lend weight to this theory. Option number three is yet another addition to the SOCOM family as Su-Cheng Wu has worked on SOCOM on the PS2 and PSP.  The final possibility is a completely new game, one that has yet to be announced – I am hoping for something involving Hannah Montana and shotguns. Su-Cheng Wu is working on the “MVP Pipeline” that creates photo-realistic facial features so whatever this mysterious FPS is you are going to have some very handsome in-game characters to admire – and then kill with a well timed RPG.