Lemmings Trophy Patch Now Live

Back in July we exclusively revealed that PSN title Lemmings would get Trophies, courtesy of Cohort Studios.  Well, that patch is now live, so if you’ve already bought the game get it started up and you’ll be treated to some Trophies and an online leaderboard.  If you’ve not bought it, the game is now £3.49 (€4.99) and is actually rather brilliant, so if nothing took your fancy yesterday we suggest you help out the little green haired creatures instead.

If the game gives you an advert for the full game instead of letting you continue after the first level, just delete your save and you should be good to go.  Here, thanks to TSA member MyNameIsBlair, is the full Trophy list:



Lemmie See Some Speed
Complete Teach me Climbers and Floaters in under one minute

Lemming Exploder
Blow up 100 Lemmings

Can you dig it
Set off 100 digger Lemmings

Bridge Builder
Build 100 bridges

The Ultimate Clone
Make a clone that can float and climb

Fabulously Fun
Complete all Fun levels

Tricky but not Taxing
Complete all Tricky levels

Lemmie See Speed
Beat 3rd Time Lucky in under 1 minute 30 seconds


Triumphantly Taxing
Complete all Taxing levels

Mayhem Master
Complete all Mayhem levels

Lethal Lemmings
Send 1000 Lemmings to their death


Lemming Leader
Save every Lemming possible