UK PS3 & 360 Charts: Week Ending 12th Sept (UPDATE)

Every Monday I will be bringing you the Weekly PS3  and 360 Only Charts so we can see which titles are moving and shaking. I hate that term but it seems to be the ‘in’ thing to say when doing charts!

UK PS3 Chart: Week ending 12th September


No surprise that Batman is still holding firm at the top of the chart, but I am surprised that Call of Juarez is still hanging on in the top 10, and it would appear that three new releases are chasing Batman’s cape for pole position. In my opinion, although DiRT 2 is in 2nd this week, I think Batman’s crown may be in danger due to Rock Band: The Beatles. I’m only saying this because I think The Beatles have a broader appeal. Personally, I like all of three Beatles songs but I’m not really allowed to say that in public due to fear of getting lynched.


 PS3 1209


XBox 360 Chart: Week ending 12th September

Well the top spot on 360 couldn’t be held by Batman. Instead he has been replaced by dirty cars and stunning scenery. Not only that but the flying-rodent-male has also lost out to Guitar Hero 5. The middle of the chart is almost identical to the PS3 chart with the only ‘exclusive’ game across either tables belongs to Section 8, down in 9th position. I am astounded by GTA 4 still getting a spot though. That game was over-hyped in my opinion. Are people really still wanting this? Apparently so.

 360 1209


Source: Chart-Track