WipEout HD Lands BluRay Release

WipEout HD is great right? Well now, it is set to reach a whole new audience as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has decided to release the game on Blu-ray. The game is set to hit retail shelves in the UK on October 19th for only £19.99. It will also be available in mainland Europe, priced €24.99. No word yet on a release for either America or Japan. Of course, the Blu-ray release will also include the recently released, WipEout Fury, the rather excellent DLC add-on (see our impressions here).

Originally released as a download-only title from the PlayStation Store, WipEout HD has been a critical and sales success. The retail release follows on from SCEE’s recent decision to put the most popular download game on the PSN, Pain, also onto Blu-ray. As a download, WipEout HD costs £12.99, while the Fury add-on is £7.99, thus making the disc based version of the game a whole £0.99 cheaper. This seems like a good deal for anyone who hasn’t already got this game in their collections and should help spread the word that WipEout HD really is a brilliant game.