Tokyo Game Show: The Round Up

Well, TGS is over and I think the overall reaction was that it was a little lacking. But there were some good moments, such as the MGS: Peace Walker Demo and more footage of the hotly anticipated ‘The Last Guardian’. We also got our first glimpse of the ‘Wand’ in action, which looks like it will add a whole new level of interation with games, not least of all LittleBigPlanet.

The Tokyo Game Show 2009 was down on visitors this year by 5% according to the show’s organisers CESA. In total it received 185,030 visitors, down from last year’s 194,288. But a record was broken; on the second public day, 71,852 people passed the doors to browse the some 750 titles on show and meet any one of the 180 companies in attendance.


The Tokyo Game Show 2010 has been scheduled for 16th or 17th September to 19th September. If I get saving now…  For those of you who may have missed some of the news and articles that emerged from TGS, or, if like me, you keep forgetting there is more than one list of stories on the home page (use the numbers from 1 – 5) here is a nice, neat list for you: