UK PS3/360 Charts: Week Ending 26th Sept

Well, there has been one hell of a shake up this week. We have old games resurfacing, recent leaders climbing and recent leaders dropping. Now read that last sentence back but this time to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas!

UK PS3 Chart: Week Ending 26th September:


Okay so as you can see, NFS: Shift has turned on traction control and stuck to pole position (I’m sorry but the metaphors were too easy not to use) but Batman has climbed back up to second. I love Batman so I’m happy for it. WET has also seen a climb up the charts and the highest new entry is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 which takes 4th place. Now what is happening with Call of Duty? Modern Warfare pushed it’s newest sibling, World at War, off of the charts last week but this week, WaW has retaliated by doing the same. You obviously can’t make up your minds as to what war you want to fight. The final surprise comes in the shape of GTA IV. I’m assuming this would be down to either Slim bundles or PS3 newbies going back to revisit some of the greatest games the system has to offer.


Chart 2609

UK XBox 360 Chart: Week ending 26th September:

Apparently a new game called Halo: ODST has rocketed to the top of the charts. I’ve not heard anything about it! ODST has proven to be a sales powerhouse with it becoming the 12th fastest selling UK game in history; 64% of week one sales were made within 24 hours. I have a feeling it may still be there next week. On a separate note, I have been informed that within the Halo universe ODST’s are referred to as ‘Hell Jumpers’. Come on Bungie, that is a much better name. In regards to the Call of Duty madness, XBoxer’s (is that a term?) are choosing to carry on with the Modern war and as experience in the PS3 chart, Colin McRae has slipped considerably.

360 Chart 2609

Also, a quick question that I’m thinking about: Why is it some games perform better on different formats, a la Batman: Arkham Asylum?