Amazing Forza 3 Fujimi Kaido Touge Video

I’m a massive fan of a) Japanese cars and b) Drifting, so imagine my delight when the video below appeared during the Tokyo Game Show last week. Yes, Forza 3’s visuals might be a notch below those of Gran Turismo 5, but as I’ve already said one game’s out this year and the other’s not, and with Turn 10 adding fan-service like the Kita-Kantou area mountains giving us 10 miles of pure drifting heaven, in my eyes they’re already winners regardless of release dates.


The graphics are all untouched from the in-game replay and the drifting itself, from celebrated Forza fans Team Blackjack not only shows off the game’s wicked physics but also the way the American developers are keen to involve their community at every turn. And of course the best thing about all this is that videos just like this one can be created in game with the built-in video editor – watch the video and let us know what you think about the new addition to the track count.  Not that I’d ever be able to drive like that, mind…