Where are They Now: Sammy the Seagull


What were you doing in 1987? For some of our members you probably weren’t even in the planning stage, but for the rest of us, the chances are high that we were Surfing, Roller Skating, Half-Piping, BMXing, and Flying Disk…ing. Yes, it is California Games. But our subject this week could be found whilst we tried to keep a ‘bag’ up in the air. There we were trying to achieve an Axel Foley, Jester, 360 and a Header among others when all of a sudden we would be visited by Sammy the Seagull.

There’s no getting around it, you tried your absolute hardest to hit Sammy with the bag. Disgraceful. But what ever happened to Sammy?


Well…In short, Sammy is dead. Don’t worry, it wasn’t your fault;  Sammy was a seagull and therefore could resist everyone’s pathetic attempts to harm him. One day Sammy was in between takes on California Games when all of a sudden, on the beach in the background, a man appeared with a punnet of chips. Sammy hadn’t eaten in ages and dive-bombed the man. But Sammy mis-judged the distance, missed the chips and went head first into the concrete.