Where Are They Now: Gary The Goon


In 1991 the world found itself with a sudden urge to walk down the street beating everyone up. Luckily, most people knew this wouldn’t be tolerated so they settled for the awesome side-scroller, Streets of Rage. Anger was vented by throwing tables, bottles and henchmen; all with the aim of reaching ‘The Organisation’s’ Boss, the man responsible for turning the city into a violent mess. He’d obviously visited certain areas of Bristol!

Among the goons trying to stop our rogue Policemen was Gary. Despite his on screen persona, Gary was actually one of the nicest people you could ever meet. With the wealth and fame that he acquired through Streets of Rage, Gary set up several charities including ‘Help for Lefties’, ‘The Blind Dog Charity’ and ‘Conker Preservation Society’.


But there did come a turning point. People got fed up with hearing about all of the supposed good Gary was doing and they couldn’t believe he was so innocent. Several attempts to frame Gary for disgusting crimes failed, and he became full of contempt for the Human race. He stopped all of his charities, much to the disappointment of blind dogs everywhere, and in 2003, he immitated the Streets of Rage storyline and turned major cities into violent slums. He watched and laughed as the world crumbled around him. Gary can now be found in Hawaii having bought the Island with former charity money.