Molyneux on Fable III and Natal

Peter Molyneux was recently interviewed at the PICNIC conference (I don’t know what that means either…) for GameKings. As part of that discussion the interviewer mentioned that Fable III would not be making use of Natal. The impending system-seller for which Molyneux has famously created Milo, essentially a poorly constructed but expensively manufactured illusion which hints at what we might see from Microsoft’s ambitious control scheme if Peter Molyneux finally delivers more than twenty percent of what he promises on a project.

Peter insists that he never said that though, amongst discussion of his own importance and predicted assasination attempts Molyneux eventually says something relevent to the game and control scheme:


I never said that.

I am going to say it’s going to use a controller. But I’ve never said it’s not going to use Natal.

And obviously what would probably happen if I started talking about this is you would see a little red dot appear moving on my forehead. And then as I would start to speak the words then there would be a shot, gunfire, and I would be assassinated. Quite clearly it is that sensitive.

But let me give this to you absolutely straight. I have not said that we’re not going to have Natal in Fable III. All I have really said is it is a controller experience. That doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be Natal.

Do you really think … knowing me … I wouldn’t want to use something like Natal? I mean that’s just mad, man.

So Fable III will use a controller but it might use Natal too. In fact, it probably will use Natal. If Peter Molyneux manages to survive his paranoically imagined attacks from Sam Fisher.

I’d just like to state that, after reading this article back, I seem very negative about Peter Molyneux. That is not my intention, I happen to think he is a very clever man who has an unrivalled enthusiasm for the projects he is working on. He does go on a bit though doesn’t he? And it’s fun to amiably jibe. I’m sure he takes it in good humour!

Source: GameKings via Kotaku