Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer Footage

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Next year could see the release of one of the most immersive games ever: Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer. In Quantic Dream’s movie-like game you will control numerous elements of the story and your actions will have an effect on the plot, either in the short term or long term. Put simply by the co-CEO of Quantic Dreams, Guillaume de Fondaumiere, as:


In some scenes, you may or may not gain some evidence. In other scenes you may or may not engage in certain relationships. In others, your life’s at stake and you can die.

The game is laden with QTE’s (quicktime events) whereby your reaction time will be key to success or failure. This method has been used in many games before such as God of War and Shenmue, but Heavy Rain is set to take that to a whole new level. Fondaumiere has called it ‘…next gen QTE’s’:

…sometimes you can fail at a particular moment, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to lose your character. The story continues and unfolds regardless, and so in that regard I think we have a QTE system that I would call a ‘next-gen QTE system’. It’s powerful and it really enables us to offer such a huge variety of actions that other games simply can’t offer.

But he also went on to explain that the player will ‘always be in control’ of the character, whether you are dancing, fighting, shooting, kick-boxing or driving; all of which are possible in Heavy Rain. Apparently all of the trailers and footage that have been released to the public were all controlled by Fondaumiere himself; they were not cutscenes. If this is indeed true, then this game could well become the most interactive experience to date.

There are 68 different scenes, 58 different settings, each offering contextual actions. So I think that when people play the game, I hope they’ll be surprised by the scope of the project and by the huge variety of actions. QTEs are just one tool that we use.

In relation to the delayed release of 2010, the co-CEO explains that it was a joint decision between Quantic and Sony as they didn’t want to get caught up in the Christmas rush. He joked that Xmas 2009 will see ‘Call of Duty 16 and Guitar Hero 12’. I know how he feels! Sony wants Heavy Rain to have space within the market and room to breathe as it is a game that needs to be ‘understood’ and ‘experienced’. But Qunatic Dreams are feeling the pressure of hype with Fondaumiere stating:

If Heavy Rain doesn’t succeed it’s going to have important implications for other developers and for ourselves – maybe people will think ‘those innovative games don’t work, games cannot really convey realistic emotions.’ And they will continue to do the standard shooters and the like that we have been doing for however many years.

Heavy Rain is certainly looking like it will offer a completely different gaming experience, which a lot of people are welcoming, but, an experience that a lot of people are sceptical of too. But take a look at the latest video and see for yourself. Sony have released a new, and lengthy, walkthrough video for us all to enjoy. In the video we get a glimpse at what is to come and Quantic Dream’s co-CEO shows us the labour of his company’s love.

Source: CVG