Second Nature – Episode 24 – Lost


So as some of you will be aware Davs (djhsecondnature) is away at EuroGamer. Lucky sod. So while he’s off enjoying himself, and supposedly doing some form of work or something, I was joined by Lewis, otherwise known as TheSixthAxis’ very own Gastos84. Of course he had a few minor issues in getting here, like ending up six miles away, but once he did a fine time was had by all. So what was discussed? Well Uncharted 2, SmackDown vs Raw 2010, Gears of War 2 and my personal favourite ‘Mystery Game X’ were all discussed at length as well as James ‘Batman’ Bond, our inability to use level creators and how bad certain Cadbury’s Haloween cakes are. So with all that available why not take a listen.

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Finally thanks again to Peter for once again providing us with ending music. The man truly is magical.