Video Review: Tower Bloxx Deluxe

When I asked for suggestions as to what video content you guys would like to see I got a lot of calls for video reviews. Alright, most of them were from nofi but still, it seemed like a good idea. I think doing full reviews for large scale retail games might be a bit ambitious for my skill level so I’m starting with an Xbox Live Arcade title called Tower Bloxx Deluxe, developed by Digital Chocolate.

Scroll down past the embedded video for a textual “pros & cons” section and the all-important score rating.



  • It’s a bit different to anything else out there.
  • It makes good use of the Xbox 360 Avatars.
  • Local Multiplayer is fun and frantic.


  • There isn’t a great deal of content and what is there is basically one trick repeated.
  • No online Multiplayer limits your options for playing with friends.
  • 800 MSP seems a little bit steep for such a limited amount of content.


Tower Bloxx Deluxe is, at its core, a fun game with an interesting and novel mechanic. It doesn’t have many tricks up its sleeve but what it does is carried off with charm and style in abundance. Lack of online multiplayer is slightly baffling at this point but the local modes are fun enough that you won’t mind too much, as long as you have a supply of friends close-by. It does what it tries to do very well but ultimately I was left wishing that it tried to do a little bit more: 6/10