2 New 360 Elite Bundles Announced For UK


We are used to getting all sorts of bundles in the console world. Hell, everytime a major new game hits the market, there seems to be a bundle for it. But, and I believe I’m correct in saying this, UK Distributor – Gem – have teamed up with Paramount Studios to release the first ever Movie-themed console bundles in the UK.


The films in question?…Star Trek and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. These were two of this years biggest blockbusters. Off topic slightly but, in my opinion, Star Trek was the better of the two. I loved that film! Anyway…The bundles will consist of an Elite 360, Additional Controller and your chosen movie. There is a twist however. Your chosen motion picture will not be on a DVD; instead you will recieve a themed USB stick with the film on.

Star Trek Bundle:

  • 360 Elite Console
  • Additional Controller
  • Themed UBS Stick containing the latest Star Trek film
  • 800 MS Points – For purchasing Star Trek DLC (presumed as the Star Trek XBLA game from Paramount)

Transformers Bundle:

  • 360 Elite Console
  • Additional Controller
  • Themed USB stick containing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen film
  • Copy of the latest Transformers game

Gem have yet to announce details such as price and availability but apparently, an official announcement is due soon from Gem and Paramount. Star Trek DVD is released 16th November and 30th of November for Transformers 2, in the UK, so it would make sense for the bundles to appear around this time; or as Spock would say: it is ‘logical’. They will also announce which retailers will be stocking/supplying these bundles.

One to beam up.