News Snatch: Star Trek, Dust 514 And Apple TV

Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. The video shows Choji “4th Great Ninja War version” battling against Asuma. I have no idea who they are.

You are going to need a big living room if you are planning to buy the rumoured Apple TV, according to Focus Tawain the sets are between 46 and 55 inches. Presumably this is so they can release a 32″ Apple TV Mini six months later.


THQ president Jason Rubin has issued message to the gaming community explaining how the company will move forward after filing for bankruptcy. He also has a little dig at the gaming websites who have been tracking the company’s demise, “THQ made headlines today – and I am sure there will be tons of click-grabbing headlines over the next month or so.”

Dust 514 has been updated to ‘Chromasone’ which has the usual tweaks and bug fixes but also includes the first steps to intergrate the game into the EVE online universe. Players can now call in “devastating bombardments with EVE pilots in space ships in planetary orbit.”

Capcom are running a survey to discover which old games they can repackage and sell to everyone for easy cash. Titles mentioned in the survey include Strider (yay!), Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins (yay!) and Dino Crisis (yay!).

startrekBack to Namco Bandai who have confirmed the release date for the Star Trek game, April 23rd in North American while Europe can set phasers to stun on April 26th. They have also released the pack shot which is rather classy.

The latest ’12 Deals Of Chistmas’ on the PlayStation store is Hitman Absolution for £19.99 with an extra 15% off for PS+’ers taking it down to an irresistible £16.99.

And finally, on Wednesday I was wittering on about ‘orange and teal’ and how it made Fuse look incredibly generic. Today a brand new trailer for the movie ‘Pain and Gain’ was released, have a look and you will see just how rampant orange and teal is, you start to notice it everywhere.

The boat, on a teal sea is orange. The Rock’s shirt is teal and later he wears a light blue/teal suit jacket. Stop the trailer at 2.07 and what colour the walls of the house? Oh yes, teal. Now The Rock is wearing a different shirt and its… orange.

It’s ridiculous. The poster which Marky Mark is hanging from? Light blue teal, seconds later a shot of an orange gas station. 1m 24s, the woman on the left has a teal bikini and behind her is a door EXACTLY THE SAME COLOUR. AAARGH!!! MAKE IT STOP!!

That’s it from me for a few days but I have got a little treat lined up for tomorrow so stay tuned.




  1. Hmmm Michael Bay

    • Yes I know but just look at the still image YouTube use for the video. Since when has the American flag been red, teal and blue?? AAARGH!

  2. Apple TV mini, you ever though about being a prophet TC?

    • I’m always right, simple as that :)

      • and if reality contradicts you, it’s invariably reality that’s got it wrong.
        right? ^_^

        i’m paraphrasing the hitchhikers guide here.

  3. Well… at least the car is red.

  4. Star Trek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KAAAAHN!!!!!!!!




      • Chuckled at that Futurama reference hazelam.

  5. Pain and gain trailer…. I like

  6. Dust 514 then? little i’ve read on it, players had ver mixed feelings, sounded like it need a lot of it on course to adress concerns raised? (i’ve auctually no frigging idea when it’s out).

    Capcom:easy answer, just release (if nothing else) a CPS 1 and CPS 2 collection, physical media+on PSN/XBL, please, whilst i might just have been..ahemmm..playing these..cough…on certain systems (PC+PSP) and have bought your arcade collections on:PSP,Xbox,PS2 and PS1, i’d happily buy them again, IF you put the CPS games you did’nt release on your Generations release on PS1 and/or Capcom Classics.

    Hell, i’ve bought Strider (alone) over the years on MD, PS1 (with Strider 2), PSP etc, but what i really want is things like AVP etc that i can play, legit wise.

    New Star Trek game eh? bit ‘Mass effect’? or just me…?.

    I’d love a classic Trek game, Yeoman Rand (mmmmnnnnnnnn…..), dodgy accents, we come in peace (shoot to kill), she cannae take it Cap’n….i’m a doctor Jim, not a god damn cold blooded Vulcan…Sarek, etc etc.

    Mind you a decent ‘trek game would be a start, not had 1 in a while.

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