Modern Warfare 2: PS3 Or Xbox 360?

You know that bit on Deal or No Deal when the plucky contestant can’t decide whether the £26,000 offer is worth taking or going on, in the greediest possible fashion, for more, and feels the need to ask 21 other people who really don’t actually care whether or not they win £250,000 or a penny what they’d do?  Well, I’m at that stage, but instead of massive, life changing amounts of money I’m talking about £26.

Do I get it for the PS3 or the Xbox 360?  I’ve heard this morning that the PS3 version comes with decent Friend invites (including cross-game invites that automatically push you into the right game) but this being a PS3 game from a third party all that won’t work once more than 10 people have a copy, so I’m tempted to go for the 360 version.  That said, I probably won’t ever play it online apart from to dip into the multiplayer once or twice, so who cares?


So, East wing, West wing – deal or no deal – which version are you getting and where are you getting it from?