Bioware: Not Saying Anything

Bioware co-founder Ray Muzyka has been on Gametrailers talking about the forthcoming X-Box (and PC) exclusive Mass Effect 2. He said lots of nice things to show host Geoff Knightly who suddenly put Muzyka on the spot and asked him if Mass Effect 2 is coming to PS3.

“Always lots of rumors, but we’ve announced basically it’s coming to Xbox 360 and PC, and that’s all we’re talking about,” was the answer.

The host of the show decided this was not good enough and asked the question again,

“We’re not saying anything.” replied Muzyka.

Read in to that what you like. The way I see it, if Bioware continued to tantalise with “no comment” and then announced there will be no PS3 version they would get an awful lot of bad press. It would be better PR to say “No PS3 version” right now. If they announced there was to be a PS3 version, they would get loads of good press.

Which do you think Bioware would prefer?

Source: GTTV