GTAV Not For 2010?

Michael Pachter’s crystal ball must be on the blink again, he confidently predicted ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ would be released in 2010. I have consulted my own mystical guide to the future (Google) and have discovered a recent interview with Rockstar head honcho Dan Houser. He says that western game ‘Red Dead Redemption’ is on the slate for release Spring next year and then they will start thinking about GTAV. At present they have not even decided on a location for the fifth game in the series.

“We’ll think of a city first, then the characters,” says Houser. He also says the script he will end up co-writing  will clock in at around 1,000 pages, nearly ten times as much as a movie.


You all know how complex the GTA games are so if they have yet to even decide a city, let alone write the script, the chances of GTAV appearing in 2010 are rather small.

Source: Times Online