Firmware 3.10 Today?

In a move that clearly has nothing to do with Microsoft’s Autumn update – you know the one that includes social networking – launching yesterday, 1UP are reporting that Sony are releasing firmware 3.10 – you know the one that includes social networking – today. It seems that in an interview with Eric Lempel, Sony’s network operation director, he revealed the date as well as a host of information about the update’s history and the future of social networking on the PS3. (Note: The rest of this article focuses on social networking, because that’s what Lempel talked about. To read about the rest of the update take a gander over here).

According to Lempel the update has “…been in the works for quite some time,”. This may just be me being cynical but my guess is that the social networking features have been in the works since roughly a few hours after Microsoft announced it at E3. In fact there’s no ‘may’ about it, that was pretty cynical. To be honest though it really does seem that Sony have done a better job of integrating Facebook into the service. Whilst I haven’t used the 360 client, the lack of integration for things like achievements (whilst Sony have trophies integrated) does make the 360 client look a little weak in comparison. On the upside I guess that the 360 application allows for posting friend invites to the service, which does actually seem like a pretty cool idea.


Whilst some seemed a little disappointed that the game events feature of the PS3’s Facebook integration not being live yet, Lempel confirmed that tools for building that into games – and hopefully patching it into existing games trophies style – have gone out to first-party developers, so hopefully that’ll be coming soon for Sony’s exclusive titles.

Finally he called this update “stage one” of the PS3’s social networking integration, with Sony looking to develop a “communications feedback loop” where comments on the automated posts from the PS3 coming back into the PS3. Or something like that, this seemed like slightly vague “wouldn’t it be cool” thinking, but that might just be me. Oh and apparently they’re looking into integrating over networks such as Raptr. Guess they’ve never heard of Twitter then.

Source: 1UP

Thanks to Snebjnr and w3r3w0lf