GPU Chosen For PS4, Out In 2012?

Apparently, according to FGNOnline, SCEI has already chosen Imagination Technologies’ currently in development PowerVR Series 6 chipset for the PS4, which, according to the report, is due out worldwide in 2012.  This probably warrants a good going over by our Greg, but I’ve downed enough Diet Coke tonight to keep me away until Saturday, so I’m wide awake and writing this up now.

I don’t know who Imagination Technologies are, but their Series 6 line, one better than their previous Series 5 presumably, is rather spiffing.  The tech, which the report suggests Sony have exclusive rights to, uses a technique called TBDR which can “outperform a competing IMR product from nVidia/ATi by 3-5 fold whilst maintaining equal die size and price point” and was the reason the Dreamcast was so awesome.

The story, which is obviously proving rather popular tonight, also suggests Sony have bagged IMGTEC as the graphics provider for their next generation PSP, which, they say, uses the Series 5XT.

All I want to know is will I be able to play SingStar on it.