The World Ends: PSN May Get Subscription Service

Update: Kaz Hirai, that’s the big boss man of SCE, has said that online gaming over PSN will always be free, but they are ‘studying the possibility of introducing a subscription model, offering premium content and services, in addition to the current free services.’

So if you’re worried about paying to play online with your PS3, you can stop worrying. If you’re worried about additional functionality available only through subscription, though, feel free to keep worrying.

Original story: This is not good news at all. VG247 are reporting that PSN may get a paid subscription service. Yes, a paid subscription service probably means something similar to Xbox Live’s Gold and Silver subscription.

The site is linking to this PDF file of a Sony presentation. Go look at slide 39 (it’s on page 20 – confusing, right?), which is a slide all about the PSN. The quote is as follows:

New revenue stream from subscription.

Five words that have a world of meaning in them. It could be a version of PSN that is paid for and comes with features on top of the already-free version of the service we have right now. On the other, slightly less world-ending hand, it could just be the UK version of Qore, the digital magazine available on the US PS Store, finally appearing, which will work on a subscription basis.

We’re hoping – and we mean crossing everything attached to us that can be crossed, including Raen’s ears – that it’s the latter. Don’t expect the four horsemen, or an expanding sun, or me singing just yet, we’re classing this as a rumour, since we can’t be sure what it is. Wait for Sony’s word on the issue.

As an aside, this is quite a depressing subject for my first actual news post. Just imagine Nathan Drake dressed as a chicken dancing the Swim. That’s funny!

Source: VG247.