Firmware 3.10 Does Things Properly

3.10, it seems, is all about Sony getting feedback on errors, whether that’s from users (in the event of a system lock-up) or developers. We’ve heard overnight that bugs that would have slipped through the net in previous firmwares are now highlighted in the latest system software, with Trophies being the main culprit of at least one anonymously reported lockdown. This, of course, is good news – it will hopefully result in less buggy releases and fewer day one patches.


On the flipside, then, as reported by PS3Attitude, is the way your PS3 will now ask you to send off an error report in the event of a crash. This is a cool new feature, and will presumably allow the technical bods at Sony to see exactly what’s causing the problems and work towards getting them fixed – they take minimal details from you too, so send off those error reports and everybody wins.  Don’t worry, they won’t tell anyone you were playing Terminator: Salvation.