Sony “iTunes” Early Next Year?

Yesterday the Sony presentation detailed the ‘Sony Online Service’ which is a nifty idea of giving you one login for all Sony products and services be it via a PS3, Sony Ericson phone, Viao laptop or Bravia television. According to Business Week the new service will sell movies, digital books and music. Sony bigwig Kaz Hirai said during an interview,

“Earlier in the year would be a lot more preferable.”


This new online service will be based on the PlayStation Network and you should be able to use your current PSN idea to log on to the network on any device. Sony Online Service is a provisional name for the service, probably because its acronym is ‘SOS’ which is not the message Sony want to be sending out! Hirai also said the success of the PSN has helped convert other Sony execs to the plan for a unified network.

Source: BusinessWeek