Gravity Crash Soundtrack News

CoLD SToRAGE: the man, the myth, the musician, the breather of air, the eater of food, the genius has just let us know that he has seen fit to gift you good games playing folks free, excellent music, derived from the excellent Gravity Crash soundtrack.  The track in question is a remix of the unannounced track from the soundtrack to this little game the guys at Just Add Water have just made: Carpaureum – Digital Prisoners Mix and can be found on the Just Add Water website – along with lots of other tracks.

Mr SToRAGE (as his friends like to call him) previously worked on the seminal and award-winning WipeOut soundtrack, as well as the original Lemmings on the Amiga, as well as plethora of other titles over the years.  I can personally vouch for the music in Gravity Crash, it’s awesome.  A couple of months ago the single from the soundtrack was released, if you’re interested please visit this link. Anyone following TSA recently will know we absolutely love Gravity Crash, and as of tomorrow you will be able to too.  Get ready for launch…