Gravity Crash Patched, PSP Version Shown

Just Add Water’s Stewart Gilray has announced officially that Gravity Crash’s 2nd patch, which takes the game to version 1.02, is just about ready to roll.  The update, which incorporates lots of user feedback (including that seen in our forum) improves the voting system for user created levels, adds better menu navigation, fixes the sound effect bug and sorts out the correct unlocking of certain Campaign levels.

More excitingly, perhaps, is the first official reveal of the PSP version.  I’ve seen first hand the PSP version of Gravity Crash in action and it’s incredible just how much it resembles its big brother but on a smaller scale, so I can’t wait to get my hands on the final version and see how it looks on my PSPgo.  The all-new PSP version will feature 35 levels, an all new ‘Survivor’ mode and the same level creation system (including the ability to share your creations) as the PS3 version.


We’ve also heard something else rather tasty regarding the PSP version but we need to keep our lips sealed just now…