PS3s To ‘Think Like Humans’ For U.S.A.F.

First the PS3 was catching peadophiles and curing cancer, now it is working with the military. The United States Airforce has just ordered 2,200 PS3s to add to their collection of 336 existing Playstations at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s information directorate in Rome, N.Y. All the PS3s will be clustered together to form one giant supercomputer which will help the Air Force decide if Cell Broadband Engine processor-derived hardware and software could be used in military systems. Theoretically we might see a Playstation controlled tank in the future

The Airforce have also been using their existing cluster of PS3s to for digital image analysis of multiple radar images, known as ‘synthetic aperture radar image formation’, high definition video applications and most intriguingly, neuromorphic computing.


Neuromorphic computing is a relatively new science in which a digital system, in this case a shed load of PS3s, is used to create a version of a biological architecture. In other words, they are trying to make the PS3s in to a giant human brain. When you sat down to watch Terminator 2 way back in 1991 I bet you never imagined that sentient computer Skynet would be made out of your favourite games console.

Source: InformationWeek