TSA Forum Enhancements

Here at TSA we’re always listening. Usually to Simon and Garfunkel, but sometimes to you, our lovely readers. Over the last few hours we’ve added back the PSN IDs to signatures (just drop your PSN ID into the ‘additional information’ tab in your profile), created a brand new Gravity Crash forum so you can tell the world about your created levels (and we’ll be featuring them on the main site too) and also implemented ‘tags’ across the whole system.

So what are tags?

The above screenshot shows the usual ‘create topic’ window.  When you’re creating a new topic from now on, if you think you could add ‘tags’ to the topic so that people can find it easier, just drop them in with commas.  This way, you could (for example) put your TSA ID in there, so people can always find your topics easily, or you could put the name of the game you’re talking about in there.  See?  Drop as many tags in as you want, but don’t be daft with them and give our moderators more work to do cleaning up your topics!

This screenshot shows the topic listing in a particular forum.  I’ve quickly added a ‘PSP’ tag to one of the threads because it was about the PSP.  Now if you click on the ‘PSP’ tag you’ll automatically be taken to all the other threads with the same tag, in a list.  See?  We think it’s pretty smart, and a nice way to organise all the topics you’re keen on, and of course this is in addition to the ‘subscribe’ function which lets you keep track of a specific thread and get notified whenever anyone posts in it.

If anyone has any other tips for our forum, or wants anything specific, please let me know in the comments.