Video Review: Gravity Crash


  • Beautiful “modern-retro” art styling and well-realised soundtrack.
  • Precise and delicate control schemes which cater for different tastes.
  • Comprehensive and intuitive Editor mode.


  • Could have greater variation in mission-types.
  • Controls take a bit of practice to be functional.
  • Cut-scenes seem out of place.

Verdict: With Gravity Crash you have to be aware of what you’re buying. It’s not a two stick shooter and it’s not what we would think of as a traditional arcadey or casual game. Just Add Water have created a game which is extremely reminiscent of the 8-bit games from my childhood but in doing so they have re-introduced me to a precision and difficulty of control that has been missing from more modern games.

This is not a bad thing but it is absolutely necessary that we are aware of what we’re getting into. For what it is Gravity Crash is an exceptionally well-realised game in almost every way but whether or not it finds a home amongst modern gamers will be its sternest test. I only hope that it passes that test as it is definitely a title and a style of game-play which deserves attention.

Score: 8/10