Bioware: PS3 ‘A Key Platform’

Bioware’s Greg Zeschuk has been interviewed by Joystiq and has revealed the Playstation 3 is now a ‘key platform’ for the company. Although the PS3 version of Dragon Age was developed out of house Bioware will now take care of all future Playstation releases themselves. Greg was, of course, asked about Mass Effect on PS3 and his answer was,

“We’re not saying anything about Mass Effect for PS3. I don’t know anything about that! That’s crazy talk. I don’t know anything about that. ”


Calm down Greg, such strenuous denial! Anyone would think you were covering and not allowed to say a word about the absolutely definitely does not exist Mass Effect PS3. Take a deep breath, is there anything else you would like to say?

“I can definitely say Dragon Age and other things we do will definitely be on PS3…. now I think we’re at the the position where future PS3 stuff will be really solid.”

You heard him kids, other things Bioware do will definitely be on PS3, that sounds like.. hey.. who are you? Who let you in to TSA Towers? Bioware Secret Police? What are you doing with that gag? What crazy talk? All I was going to say is that Masssmmmmfffffff…… eep.

Source: Joystiq