Get Your Artwork In Crackdown 2


Calling all artists, graphic designers, doodlers, and Renaissance painters! Ruffian Games – the developer of Crackdown 2 – is giving you the chance to have your artwork built into the game.


Crackdown 2 – exclusive to the Xbox 360 – already features a distinctive art style and how cool would it be to see your hard work whilst leaping from building to building throwing skips at hoodlums? Ruffian have branded it a ‘Graffiti’ competition and you can get all of the details from their website. If your flare shines through and your work is picked, you will also get to see your name scroll up-screen at the end of the game – I believe this is what the cool kidz call: ‘credits’!

The minute I heard ‘graffiti’, I knew I had to enter; I’ve read graffiti before so I’m sure that my entry of “For a good time call 07771 *** ***” is going to be accepted.