Lunchtime Discussion: PSN Premium

As I am sure you are all aware, Xbox Live is a paid for service and the Playstation Network is free. But let’s think: What if the PSN wasn’t free? What if Sony slightly undercut Microsoft but gave just as good, if not better, services and connection speeds to each paying customer and the same existing service to non-payers. Would you be interested in paying £3.99 a month or £35.99 a year (yes, I checked the XBL prices) for a faster, more stable connection to every online service Sony offer, including iPlayer, PS Store (Video and Game), ad-free Vidzone and maybe many more?

The small price might also mean more applications to everyone, not just the Premium users – although they would get priority. The Beeb certainly aren’t happy with Microsoft for only allowing Gold users the iPlayer capability, if it ever comes. I currently have both XBL and PSN and must say I am impressed with the speed and instantaneousness (just go with it) of XBL. Things just work. No need to trophy sync or even wait on your friends list to appear. It’s seamless.

Rumours will always fly around regarding this subject but what do you, the customer who perhaps paid £425 at launch, want from the PSN? If Sony offered more, would you pay more?