Trophies Can Now Be Synced

Trophies haven’t been syncable for a while now, with Sony stating that their servers have been overloaded due to the hoards of people using the service. However, for the first time in weeks, my trophies have finally synced without a dreaded error popping up. Our own djhsecondnature, DarthSharkey and Radboud haven’t had any problems syncing their trophies today too, so it seems like the syncing issue has been fixed – at least for now.   So, quick, sync away before the masses of MW2 players return…

Update: We’re getting reports that some people are still getting errors, but after restarting the sync a few times (what are errors for if not ignoring?) it eventually worked. We’ve also been told by one or two people that it just won’t sync at all. At the very least, the syncing problems are much less widespread.