Lunchtime Discussion: Who wants the Next Gen?

So today’s Lunchtime Discussion falls to me, and it’s something that’s been cropping up more and more recently. We’re starting to get into what used to be considered the tail end of a generation, I mean the Xbox 36o is now four years old. The PS3 and Wii are now around three as well. Taking a quick look through the wealth of knowledge that is  Wikipedia it seems the average time between releases in recent generations seems is around 5 years (and yes I did the maths, it’s 5.17), so surely we should at least have heard of Microsoft’s next console by now and we should be hearing rumblings from Sony and Nintendo as well. But what do we have? Well we have a few very indications of the parts that Microsoft and Sony could possibly use in the next generation, and (as far as I’m aware) not a single hint from Nintendo yet. The big difference? I don’t want a new console.

See I’m perfectly happy with my 360 (and playing on DJH’s PS3 until I can afford one). I don’t have any real desire for a new console. For a start the games aren’t starting to look old or dated at all. People can argue back and forth all day about whether a game looks better on the PS3 or 360, but it doesn’t matter really. For the majority of titles they look absolutely stunning on both consoles. As for the Wii? Well I don’t own a Wii and my purchasing focus is on the PS3 right now, but I’d like to own one in the future. Every time I play on one I enjoy myself and with the Wii Motion Plus it really does seem to be at the right level of accuracy for playing virtual table tennis or sword fighting.

I mean sure with a new generation maybe we’d get better graphics but what we’re seeing from developers shows that there’s still a lot of grunt we can get out of the boxes sitting under our TV right now, and titles like God of War 2 show what really is possible with hardware that was considered ‘last gen’. Throw in the new motion sensitivity of Natal and the Wand further adding new game mechanics to our current generation and I don’t really see a need to upgrade when the average I mentioned earlier would apply. 2010 just seems like an insane time for a new console to me. Even the rumours of 2012 releases seem too near for me. I’d be happy waiting until 2013/2014 to shell out a large chunk of my cash on a new shiny, shiny box. But this is a lunchtime discussion, so enough of my old man rambling (and after falling down the stairs last night I feel surprisingly old for a 22 year old) when do you lot want to buy a new console?