Latest SingStar Update Brings More Problems

Back in the middle of November we reported that the SingStar team were hard at work with an update that fixed all the problems patch 4.20 brought about.  Well, 4.30, the latest version just released, appears to have brought another major bug to the table despite clearing the decks of the previous issues.  “USAGE RIGHTS:,” the game tells you when you try to play a song you’ve download, “this song cannot be played because its owner has been deleted.”

Nice, eh?  Well, it’s fixable, but you’ll have to re-download it.  “To Play,” says the game, “delete the song via Delete songs in Options and then download it from the SingStore.”  Not ideal, in my opinion, I’ve probably got close to 100 songs from purchases over the months so there’s no way I’m sitting through that massive download given the PSN’s rather tardy speeds these days.  There’s also anicdotal evidence to suggest that in some cases the game fails to boot at all.


Still, it’s not all bad.  The SingStore now has a ‘what’s hot’ Top 10 feature, a ‘quick buy’ button to take you straight from watching someone sing a song to you buying that track and a quick jump to the SingStore from the song selection screen.  All designed to make you buy more, of course, but if you want handy options then you’ve got them.  There’s also a ‘download all purchased songs’ button, something you might be needed if the first two paragraphs of this post apply to you.

Finally, there’s an option to bookmark community clips for easy access, the ability to transfer ownership of a ‘club’ and a child-friendly cartoon interface, which is rather neat.

Thanks, bavian.