Friday Fight #2

I don’t believe you lot. Trust you guys to make the first ‘Friday Fight’ a draw! 22 votes to Kratos and 22 to Snake. Votes for Mario and Snatos were not counted. Also, explaining the situations in which both contenders would win was of no help, but thanks anyway, they were fun to read. I did however get exclusive access to the fight.

It started with Snake lining up Kratos in his sniper rifle’s sight and unloading a single round. The bullet ripped through Kratos’ chest and as he lay on the floor, Snake snuck up on him for the kill. Just as he was inches away, Kratos jumped up and explained that whilst Snake wasn’t looking, he had actually been to Hades but fought his way out again. Snake soiled himself before becoming the victim of a brutal assault at the hands of the Spartan warrior. Snake had enough rations on him to last a few rounds and managed to trick Kratos by saying “look over there, it’s Zeus”. With his back turned, Snake disappeared into the shadows and aimed his rocket launcher in Kratos’ direction. But Kratos once again climbed out of Hades. This continued for roughly 6 days before Snake called a ‘time-out’. Snake explained that they were getting nowhere and that they had no reason to be enemies; Kratos was looking for revenge and so was Snake. The pair shook hands and went their separate ways.

So, seeing as it was a draw, we have two completely new fighters this week but the premise is the same; please, please, please start your comment with your choice, you can then write about it until the cows come home. Winner stays on.


Today’s fight consists of two very similar characters…it’s ALEX MERCER VS. COLE MCGRATH.

Alex Vs Cole

Alex Mercer Pros:

  • Parkour skills that would embarrass that bloke from the chase scene at the beginning of Casino Royale
  • Shapeshifting abilities
  • Absorb enemies
  • One hell of a jump
  • Excellent at baking Muffins; not too dry and not too moist…just right

Cole McGrath Pros:

  • Parkour skills that would embarrass the bloke following that bloke from the chase scene at the beginning of Casino Royale
  • Electricity-based powers including the ability to create Electric Storms
  • More stamina than a Duracell Bunny
  • Ability to fight whilst airborne
  • Cool-looking biker jacket

Alex Mercer Cons:

  • Needs to consume biomass regularly
  • Amnesia
  • Subsidised by Activision

Cole McGrath Cons:

  • Needs to consume electricity regularly
  • Sluggish climber at times
  • Distracted easily by ‘Shards’