PixelJunk Shooter To Get Space In Home

shooterheaderPixelJunk Shooter’s launch is approaching ever so quickly – Thursday 10th December – and the guys at Q-Games have revealed some new features to compliment the release. Besides a refresh of the Shooter website and the addition of PixelJunk Forums on the main PixelJunk website, they have also announced the PixelJunk Shooter space in PlayStation Home.

This month will see the opening of the Mother Ship Hangar Deck. I would try and explain it but  the press release says it all really:

Want to get up close and personal with the exploration vehicles from PixelJunk Shooter? Maybe you want to understand how tightly packed all those survivors must get? Well, soon you will be able to do just that in PlayStation Home! Opening this month, the Mother Ship Hangar Deck boasts spectacular views of a Red Dwarf star, and two full-size rescue ships in their docking bays. When it’s open, you will be able to get to the PixelJunk™ Shooter Hangar Deck from the PixelJunk™ Exhibition space in PlayStation Home.

So there you have it; not only will America and Europe be getting an amazing PSN game this Thursday but all of you Home fans will be getting a little extra enjoyment, too.