Rumour: GT5 Time Trial ‘Demo’ Track

We’ve already said that Gran Turismo fans will get the chance to race two versions of Nissan’s 370z around a special time trial track later this month, but we’ve heard this morning that the course will be either Spa Francorchamps or, even more likely, the Indianapolis GP Circuit.  This is backed up by a blog post a week or so back from GTPlanet and the fact that although Americans and Canadians can’t enter the Academy itself, the fastest drivers will get VIP access to the actual Indianapolis 500 race in 2010.

I’m disappointed, and would have much prefered the Japan-based R246 course.  This iconic highway, part of which was present in Gran Turismo 3 and 4, and whislt the version in the GT series is only a small portion of the massive 122km route it’s still one of my favourite courses in the games.  This would make the time trial similar to the version playable in Cologne and Paris earlier in the year.   The Academy will kick off next Thursday and naturally the download will be free of charge from the PlayStation Store.


We’ve fired off an email to Sony to confirm the track either way, and will update if we can.