Aliens Vs Predator Release Date

Take control of a Marine and slaughter Aliens and Predators. Take control of an Alien, run along the ceiling and put you mouth-inside-a-mouth through someone’s skull. Take control of a Predator and waggle your four-pronged jaw as you plunge two blades through someone’s chest. Aliens vs. Predator is fun for all the family! Joking of course but now we know, thanks to MCV, that AVP will be hitting us Europeans next February. February 19th to be precise.

And that’s not all. Apparently, alongside the standard edition, there are options of Survivor Edition and Hunter Edition. The Survivor will be supplied with a steel case, and a code for multiplayer map DLC.


The Hunter Edition will be supplied with the same content as the Survivor version but will get an added model of a Facehugger, which you can pose, a Weyland Yutani badge and a 3D lenticular postcard. SEGA said:

The team at Rebellion have been true to the Aliens and Predator universes and created a title that allows gamers to experience all the tension and excitement of the Aliens and Predator movies.

The AVP movies weren’t exciting or tense but the game does look like quite the experience.