aliens vs predator

AVP Demo Hits 4 Million

Demo not alien to consoles.

First Level: Aliens Vs Predator

Who wins? Doesn’t matter.

AvP Launch Trailer

One last trailer for you…

AvP DLC Delayed For PS3 Owners

(Update) Motion tracker detects no movement. Yet.

AvP Demo Troubles Are Being Addressed

SEGA and Rebellion are on the case…

Aliens Vs. Predator: Survivor Mode Trailer

A great looking co-op mode from the Rebellion game.

Motion Controlled Spine Ripping?

Well that’s something you won’t see on Wii Sports.

Exclusive: Aliens vs. Predator Trophy List

Ready to kill some Marines? Let’s face it, they won’t be killing anything…

Rebellion Closing Studio?

Developer focusing on other offices.

There Will be a Demo for Aliens Vs. Predator

Vs. Marines. Poor guys, I bet they feel left out.

Aliens vs Predator: The Hunter Edition

In space no one can hear you scream…with joy

Aliens Vs. Predator Ban Reversed in Australia

Fair dinkum. Our Aussie mates will also get their chests burst open next year.

Aliens Vs Predator Release Date

Plus 3 editions for you to ponder.

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