AvP DLC Delayed For PS3 Owners

According to a SEGA press release, the downloadable content for the PS3 version of Aliens vs. Predator is delayed a week until February 25th.  “We want to thank the AVP fans for their support and urge fans to retain the PDLC vouchers they have in their possession as retailers will not able to rectify this issue,” say SEGA.

It’s not clear whether they’re referring to the US version alone, and whether European gamers will still be able to get the day-one DLC.  Regardless, the pre-order content, which is mainly maps, will be made available to everyone across all formats soon enough, although they won’t be free.


Thanks, w3r3w0lf.

Update: SEGA have told us this relates to US only, Europe (and everywhere else) is unaffected.