Rebellion Closing Studio?

The developer of Aliens Vs Predator – Rebellion – are apparently reviewing their Derby studio to see it there is still a need for it. They have two other studios in the UK; one in Runcorn and one in Oxford, the latter of the two being in charge of AVP.

According to they have already made some staff redundant and that others are being consulted regarding their position at the company. Rebellion, however, deny that any cuts have been made at this point in time. CEO Jason Kingsley stated:


No-one has been made redundant by Rebellion in more than a decade, and the Derby studio is very much still open while we conduct the review. We are currently undergoing a process of consultancy with our staff to get their ideas, and establish the best possible future for the Derby studio.

The Derby studio has only been in Rebellion’s hands for 3-4 years, previously responsible for housing Core Design – the guys behind the Tomb Raider games – and as the lease for the building nears its expiration date, Rebellion have said that they will make more announcements on the studio’s fate in the next few weeks.