There Will be a Demo for Aliens Vs. Predator

If you’ve been itching to to try out Aliens Vs. Predator for an alien/predator/marine three-way (no, not that kind of three-way), but you don’t want to risk just buying the game in case it is of questionable awesomeness, you’ll be happy to know that there will be a demo. We don’t know when the demo will appear, or how you’ll get it (cross your fingers for a normal PSN/XBL release), but the knowledge that there’ll be one is a good thing, right?

The ‘revelation’ was given in an interview with AvPGalaxy (linked below). Other interesting things in that interview include that ‘something’ is in the works regarding Avatars and Home which are already going through submission and approval and that the trophies will involve collectibles and game completion (as you’d expect) and they all have badass quotes from the films as names. Excellent. There’s loads more info there if you’re interested (there are three parts to the interview, too).

Source: AvPGalaxy via PlayStation LifeStyle. Tip: mukarkar.