You Can Now Download The Prey Demo On PS4

Over the past several years, demoes have become less and less of a thing. Especially for big budget, AAA releases. It comes as somewhat of a surprise then to see Bethesda’s Prey buck the trend.

Now available via the PlayStation Store (EU link), the “Opening Hour” demo of Arkane’s sci-fi shooter will let players get some early hands-on time.


At 12.8GB it won’t take gamers long to download but will hopefully show off some of Prey’s intriguing systems.

For more on Prey, you can read our recent hands-on.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, downloading now.

  2. Awesome almost forgotten about that. Time to start downloading while I shop ^^

  3. Thanks, should be all ready for when i get home later!

  4. I hated the demo. Any interest was killed off by the awful player controls. He kind of just floats around, and the deadzones are awful, you’ve got to move the stick loads to start movement then the guy legs it.

    • There was definitely no finesse to the shooting, and walking towards each group of objects flailing a wrench in front of you took away the enjoyment of exploring.
      But the worst part for me was the intense music – it was fine whilst i was fighting creatures but it didn”t need to continue for up to several minutes after i had killed the last one in that area. And then just end abruptly. That bugged me so much that i ended up standing around waiting for the music to stop.
      I did enjoy aspects of it though, echoes of Half-Life in there, definitely an edgy atmosphere and it was a generous demo area to explore. I didn’t complete it but i spent a couple of hours with it all the same. I enjoyed throwing everything around in the apartment – but was annoyed that i couldn’t open the door to the balcony and throw everything down to the streets below. And then i found the wrench. So you can guess what i was thinking about as the wrench swung towards the balcony door.. xD

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