Epic Games Store mystery free game teased, get Prey now

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A “mystery game” has been teased for the next Epic Games Store giveaway. In the meantime, you can get your hands on 2017’s Prey and Jotun: Valhalla Edition until next Thursday, May 19 2022.

Usually, when the Epic Game Store announces a mystery freebie, it’s worth taking note. One such game was Shenmue III, which kicked off Epic’s end-of-year free game bonanza in 2021.

Could this be a major AAA title? A surprise PC port? Or maybe even something completely new. Whatever it is, you’ll also be able to grab a copy of Redout: Enhanced Edition, a frenzied futuristic racer carrying the torch for WipEout.

Redout’s inclusion as one of next week’s giveaways is perfectly timed with a sequel on the way later this month. We went hands on with Redout 2 – here’s what we thought:

Redout 2 builds on the futuristic setting while retooling the anti-grav racing, all in an effort to be the fastest, most heart-pumping and dynamic future racer we’ve ever seen.

From now until next Thursday you can add Prey and Jotun to your Epic account. To redeem these games, all you need to do is sign into the EGS website or client, then add them to your basket and go through checkout. Once purchased, they will remain in your library to keep forever.

Following up Arkane’s work on the Dishonored series, Prey proved divisive at launch yet has a cult following. The sci-fi immersive sim had its flaws though scored well in our Prey review: “writing over our memories of the Prey that preceded it, Arkane Studios’ game is something new and yet strikingly familiar. There’s a great deal of kinship to the likes of Bioshock, Half-Life and other classic games, but it’s also broader and more expansive in what it tries to do. Regardless of its flaws and similarities, Prey manages to be an enthralling science fiction adventure.” Jotun is definitely work a punt too, especially if you’re wanting a quick Viking fix.

When we find out what Epic’s mystery game is, we’ll let you know!

Source: Epic Games Store

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