TSA Staff Update

It’s that time of the week again when the ridiculously high staff turnover here at TSA Towers warrants a news post.  People come along, they write, they vanish, never to be seen again amidst a cloud of dust.  Thankfully, it’s usually for the better and it gives me great pleasure to formally announce that Gareth (you’ll know him as Gamoc) has taken the position of Content Manager.  It’s Gareth’s job to ensure that everyone turns up on time and actually gets stuff done to schedule, so he’ll be cracking the whip for us to ensure our output stays consistent.

Secondly, Liam’s had to quit the site, so with that in mind we’re now looking for a dedicated, industrious Community Manager to join our team of writers.  If you’ve got what it takes to engage our massive community of readers, manage our TSA Meets system, invigorate our forums and organise clan games please get in touch (emails to [email protected]) together with a brief synopsis of what makes you the best.  We’re not just looking for an existing TSA member to step up through the ranks, although a familiar name and face would be preferable.

Thirdly, some of you will have already noticed that site co-founder Michael is back on the team.  Michael has taken the role of Business Development Manager and it’s Michael’s job to take TheSixthAxis to the next level.  We’re already one of the biggest independent websites in the country, with a superb community and server-busting traffic, but we want to cement all the hard work we’ve done with a self-sufficient financing structure, which is why you’ll see the odd advert and affililiate link around the site now as we test out our various options.

Finally, and speaking of familiar faces, I’m delighted to tell you Colin (aka ColinBarr66) has joined the squad as a Staff Writer.  Colin will be helping out with our news output here on TSA, and his presence will hopefully mean that our evening content is ramped up a little so there’s always fresh stuff to read on the site throughout the day.  Colin’s already our Killzone 2 clan leader so most of our community will be well aware that he’s going to be great for the site and I hope you’ll be as welcoming to him as you always are to new blood.  Onwards and upwards!

We’re always looking for new talent on TSA.  If you’re interested, get in touch.

Finally, a quick announcement – if you head over to your profile page, you’ll see (at the bottom) two new fields for your PSN ID and Xbox Live Gamertag.  If you’re wanting to sign up to our TSA Meets then from now on we recommend you complete these fields because it will mean whoever’s hosting will be able to invite you to the game much easier and won’t have to search the forums to find your PSN ID or Gamertag.  Thanks to teflon for the idea to do this, should make things a lot simpler.  Your PSN ID and Gamertag won’t be shown anywhere else, so don’t worry.