Every PS3 Still Costing Sony $40

I took economics during my first year at university, thinking it might be quite interesting – I failed, with about 26% in the final exam.  After that I thought I’d just concentrate on computing, so I’m probably not the best person to be writing about recent reports that suggest Sony is still losing money on every PlayStation 3 sold.  Sure, I’m never going to get a job as a bank manager but I’d assume that when you sell something it’s normally a good idea to sell it for more than it cost to make.

Analysts iSuppli originally put the cost to Sony of the launch PS3 at around $800 (it sold for $600) and now they’re back suggesting that the current ‘slim’ PS3 costs the Japanese giant $336 (selling it in the US for $299).  That puts the cost to Sony for every PS3, in terms of raw hardware, at just under $40.  Naturally, that’s not including staff, marketing, advertising, royalties etc, and although it’s still a loss it’s a much smaller loss than it was 3 years ago, so that’s got to be good news, right?


Via: iSuppli.