PS3 ‘Object Of The Noughties’

It’s a very slow news day so bear with me for this barrel scraping news. The BBC asked its readers to define the ‘Noughties’ using words, people, events, culture and objects. The Playstation 3 has made it in to the ‘Objects’ category but suprisingly the Wii and the Xbox have not. The PS3 sits alongside Ugg Boots, Wheelie Bins, Hair Straighteners, Blackberry and London’s ‘Gherkin’ Tower as a defining object of the last decade. Author Peter Yorke compiled the list from suggestions of the public and had this to say,

“There were lots of ‘boys’ toys’ suggested, but I’ve tried to make a choice broader than technology. It’s good to see flat-screen televisions in there, they really took over the living rooms. Hair straighteners revolutionised women’s hair and popularised the Atomic Kitten look, while the Toyota Prius symbolises the way people started making environmental gestures. Everyone was talking about hoodies for a while, because of David Cameron’s [hug a hoody] comments and the fear of young criminals. I chose Sky+ because it changed my life and the way I view television.”

The full list of objects: Bag for life, BlackBerry, Bling jewellery, Bluetooth earpiece, Credit card, Flat-screen TVs, 
Gherkin (London’s Swiss Re building), Hair straighteners, High-visibility vest, Hoody, iPod, Organic vegetable box, Oystercard. Playstation 3, Sat-nav, Sky+ box, Toyota Prius, Ugg boots, Wheelie bin, Wind turbine