Battlefield 3 vs Skyrim In The Battle For.. Best Christmas Lights?

As the battle rages for Game of the Year another curious trend is emerging – Christmas lights with a video game theme.

Witness the majesty of Christmas lights to the theme from Skyrim!

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ more than killing hundreds of people, it’s the Battlefield 3 Christmas display!

Those Angry Birds are everywhere.

One from the archives – Halo Christmas lights.


  1. They all look a lot better than some of the lights featured on last night’s C4 documentary. Surely with Christmas lights like these, you’d end up doubling your annual leccy bill in one month.



  2. These are incredible, no idea people went to such lengths!

    • Agreed, love the dedication shown here.

      I’m slightly disappointed the Skyrim one didn’t have a huge light-up dragon though….

    • Yea after watching last nights docu on C4 about people who do this every year i was gobsmacked, could not believe the amount of money and dedication that they put in to their passion for christmas lights.

      Though all the video’s were great, i have to be honest, the battlefield one was the best.

      • It really was the best, synchronised best with the music. The angry birds one is pretty hilarious too though. Damn though, I’d hate to live opposite any of these people..

  3. I prefer Christmas Light Hero!

    • I remember watching that last year. Must have been so much fun to play. Epic stuff.

  4. It think I prefer the Battlefield one, as the lights seem to match the audio somewhat better.

  5. 1:00 is the best bit from the BF3 one… Well, 1:03 really, but you want a couple seconds of context.

  6. The angry birds one is the best, only because it appears play-able. After seeing it makes me want to set up an giant 8-bit Donkey Kong display with an old motherboard.

  7. BF3 one was the best imo, awesome sound track and lights.

  8. Christ! That is mental, but at the same utterly ingenius.

  9. Those are pretty awesome. Thought the Skyrim one was the best. The Battlefield one was great as well. Disappointed the front of the house didn’t get blown off at the end of the Battlefield one though.

  10. All of these are brilliant. Thought the Angry Birds one was excellent though.

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